About Us

Nestled in the quiet, cool mountainous town of Luisiana Laguna, Jardin de Luz is a Bed & Breakfast in Laguna, Philippines. Jardin de Luz is also the perfect venue for Weddings, Retreats and Events.
A refreshing B&B in the Philippines to escape from the usual strenuous and busy lifestyle.


Finally, a place where you can get an incredible overnight’s stay and feel the comfort of nature all around you. Jardin de Luz comfortable rooms are a perfect mix of traditional and modern designs aimed at your utmost well-being. Truly a unique Bed and Breakfast in the Philippines.


All our guests get to take advantage of our very functional and relaxing amenities. From our SPA to our Long Swimming Pool, you not just stay overnight but enjoy and unwind as well.


A new peaceful and relaxing lodge for the family. Experience a dream accommodation at the cool hills of the “Little Baguio of Laguna” right at the heart of Luisiana, Laguna. You know you will be relaxed with the perfect atmosphere and enjoy the relaxing benefits of its cool climate. The climate is cold, and tropical. The average yearly temperature is around 26 °C (78.8 °F). A perfect BnB in the Philippines for everybody.


Essentially, Jardin de Luz is nearby the City’s vital institutions like Hospitals, Churches, the Plaza Municipality Hall and other essential services. You have a more sheltered place to stay over with more peace of mind and enjoy your stay with us at ease.


Easily arrive through just the South Superhighway coming from Manila.


Jardin de Luz’s friendly and professional staff are ready to accommodate everything and take care of all your needs as you enjoy your stay with us. We strive and aim to be the best Bed & Breakfast in the Philippines.




Jardin de Luz is affectionately created in honor of our dear mother who was a symbol of light to all her children and grandchildren. Not only was she of pure of heart, but also loved nature and its beauty. So we kept Jardin de Luz orchard as rich and as beautiful as the land can be. As our profound inspiration, we created a home that is created out of love, care and beauty, just like our mother would have wanted it.


Jardin de Luz stands for The Garden of Light. A perfect fitting to its foundation. And just like any precious gem, us at Jardin de Luz will forever take care of all within it and make a lasting imprint to all who experience her beauty.


And, as our passion and love for our beautiful garden abode, we always hope that you would have a wonderful, peaceful and memorable stay at our humble home.